Comprehensive analysis of Arweave: Business logic, product ecosystem, market competition and project valuation

1. Highlights of the report

1.1 Core investment logic

1.2 Main risks

2. Basic information of the project

2.1 Project business scope

2.2 Project history and roadmap

2.3 Business situation

Arweave’s block structure, source: Arweave Yellow Book
Arweave’s Weave size trend, data source:
Figure source:
Data source:
Data source:
Data source: Twitter for pencilflip, graphic source: Amber Group
Figure source:
Figure source:
Page of a music NFT on Pianity, figure source:
Data source: KYVE
  • Permanent storage of creative content, which is the most abundant category. In addition to Beeple mentioned earlier, there are many well-known projects that use Arweave as a storage solution, such as Mirror, Mask Network, MYNFT, etc.
Ecosystem map of the projects using the Arweave storage solution, source: verto

2.4 Team situation

2.5 Financing situation

2.6 Partners

3. Business analysis

3.1 Track overview

3.2 Project competition landscape

Library of Alexandria, figure source: Google

3.3 Token model analysis

Data source:
Figure source: Amber Group

3.4 Risks

4. Preliminary value assessment

4.1 Five core questions

4.2 Valuation

4.3 Summary of value assessment

5. Reference and acknowledgment





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